Is difficult oversize hurting your profitability?

Is your business ending up with a massive oversize problem that standard hammers struggle to handle?

Often large global mining and aggregate companies try to keep their fines and shot waste to a minimum. This typically causes them to end up with significant oversized material as the biproduct from these blasting procedures. This problem can be very costly and time consuming to resolve and eats into the profits of your business significantly.

Surestrike International understands the challenges that this problem brings to plant operations and the destruction of the equipment in the plant. In addition to the small and midsize hammers in the SS Series line, Surestrike manufactures the SS110 (110,000 foot pounds of striking force) and the SS150 (150,000 foot pounds of striking force) with those specific customers and solutions in mind.

The SS110 shown in this video, breaking massive oversized Copper and Nickel Ore, is designed specifically for the mining sectors, large scale aggregate applications and industrial sectors demanding need for production and durability.  This global mining company was looking for a solution to resizing material weighing upwards of 200 tons each and found their trusted partner with Surestrike International.  Providing them a solution that increased production and decreased operating costs giving them a more profitable resolve to the issue that they faced.

For additional information on how Surestrike International Inc can help you solve your processing problems contact Surestrike International or one of it’s reliable network of distributors.