Hydraulic Hammers


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Aggregate & Ore

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our high-performance Impact Hammers, meticulously engineered to conquer the most robust aggregate materials. Whether it's the resilience of Limestone or the tenacity of Trap Rock, our Impact Hammers demonstrate unmatched capability, making them an ideal solution for your toughest tasks. They are also uniquely designed to be effective with in-ground breaking, promising you optimal performance in even the most challenging conditions. Tap into the power of our durable Impact Hammers and transform the way you handle aggregate materials.


Slag & Steel

Introducing our premier Impact Hammers, explicitly designed to handle your most challenging Steel, heavy-duty Slag, and Iron applications. Boasting an impressive impact force of up to 150,000 psi, these exceptional tools redefine power and durability. Their outstanding performance is a testament to their rugged construction and strategic engineering, capable of tackling the most rigorous industrial demands. Discover the profound difference our Impact Hammers can make in your heavy-duty applications and witness a new standard of efficiency and power.

Concrete Demolition


Uncover the potential of our specially designed Impact Hammers, perfectly suited to accommodate your complex bridge and construction demolition tasks, airport runway projects, and various industrial applications. These expertly designed tools are the epitome of power and precision, offering a comprehensive solution for demanding construction applications. From bridge demolition to recycling airport runways, and supporting the vast industrial sector, our Impact Hammers are built to exceed expectations. Step into a world of elevated efficiency and performance in your construction and industrial operations with our formidable Impact Hammers.

Surestrike International: The Surestrike Advantage in Hydraulic Hammers

Surestrike International is a renowned manufacturer of hydraulic impact hammers, delivering top-quality products since 1995. Our hydraulic hammers are designed with patented features, ensuring Superior Output, Process Flexibility, and Remarkable Economics in Aggregate, Mining, and Industrial applications.

Experience the Difference: Our line of hydraulic impact hammers goes beyond providing operators with a stress-free and comfortable experience; they also minimize wear and tear on the carriers they are mounted on. The Surestrike SS Series offers enhanced productivity and profitability, reducing downtime and outperforming comparable hydraulic hammers. Providing lower maintenance costs and superior results for your business.

Unmatched Versatility: With a comprehensive range of sizes, starting from 25,000 ft. pounds of striking force and going up to our 150,000 ft. pound model predominantly used in steel and industrial applications, Surestrike International has the perfect solution for you. Our hydraulic hammers cater to the Aggregate, Mining, Industrial, and Construction sectors. We prioritize listening to our valued customers, understanding their needs, and incorporating their feedback to develop the best possible attachment for success, even in the harshest environments. Consider us your trusted partner, not just another manufacturer.

Choose Surestrike: Let Surestrike International be your simple, low-cost, and dependable solution for breaking oversized and reject materials. Our commitment to your success drives us to deliver cutting-edge hydraulic hammers that exceed expectations.

Optimize your operations with Surestrike International's hydraulic impact hammers. Contact us today to discover how our products can elevate your business to new heights.