The Surestrike Team Mission

The Surestrike International team believes that Truly Innovative Producers deserve Exceptional Productivity Returns.

Surestrike Core Values

Provide innovative design for setting a new standard in front-end processing

Provide exceptional value

Provide superior customer service

SS40 Trak Logistics 2-1

The Surestrike Approach

Surestrike International has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic impact hammers for the last 27 years. Proven to provide Superior Output, Process Flexibility and Remarkable Economics in most Aggregate, Mining and Industrial applications with its uniquely patented design.

Manufacturing a line of hydraulic impact breakers that not only gives the operator a less stressful and more comfortable product in operation, but one that has less wear and tear on the carriers they are mounted on. In addition to the comfort and ease of operation the Surestrike SS Series provides a more Productive and Profitable tool for your business. Giving you less down time, higher productivity compared to comparable hydraulic hammers and lower maintenance costs on average.

With a wide range of sizes ranging from 25,000 ft. pounds of striking force all the way up to our 150,000 ft. pound model that are mostly used in the steel and industrial applications, Surestrike International has you covered. With solutions for the Aggregate, Mining, Industrial and Construction sectors.

Surestrike’s primary focus has always been on listening to our valued customers needs and desires. Incorporating these into the best possible tool for them to be as successful as possible even in the toughest of environments. Our philosophy is that we are valued partners in your success rather than just another manufacturer.