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    Demolition Excellence Tailored For You

    Whether you're a fledgling enterprise or a mega-corporation, or if your tool collection ranges from just a few to a vast array, there's one constant: Surestrike International's demolition tools are perfect for you.


    Diverse Range for Every Need

    From ground-engaging moil points to the classic standard chisels, and from the sturdiness of blunt tools to the precision of pyramid tools, we've got the entire gamut covered for you. Dive into the exceptional quality of every demolition tool we craft, built upon the renowned Surestrike reputation.

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    Compatibility Beyond Compare

    Our demolition tools are designed keeping in mind the best in the business. To ensure you never fall short, we're have demo tools for most major brands:

    And many more…..

    Not Finding Your Hydraulic Hammer Model? No Stress!

    With over 25 plus years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and unmatched customer service. Even if you're grappling with pinpointing your hydraulic hammer's exact make and model, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Our dedicated customer service team, equipped with an extensive database of demolition tools, is always on standby to assist you. Trust in their guidance, and they'll ensure you get the best demolition tool tailored for your task.

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    Demolition Tool Working Ends


    Surestrike demolition tools are designed to provide excellent value, exceptional life and incredible performance. Each tool has been designed with application characteristics in mind and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Manufactured in the USA and made with exceptional quality control, from the maching to heat treatment.

    The Blunt tool is designed for impact breaking, secondary breaking and also scaling in mines and tunnels.


    Pyramid Tool
    The pyramid tool makes light work of breaking non-abrasive materials which allow a high penetration rate, especially in concrete.


    Moil Point
    Moil Point tools allow fro optimum positioning in material which is loose or can be easily separated, like brick walls or loose rock in tunnels.


    The chisel tool has a similar application to moil point, but also where a cutting action is required, i.e. benching or trenching.


    Wide Chisel
    The wide chisel tool is designed for increased productivity in softer materials.

    Driving Tools
    The driving tools