Is your oversized beating up your equipment?

Many of the hammers on the market struggle with the large heavy duty jobs of todays mining and aggregate quarry needs. Whether it is sitting in place and hammering for an extended period of time to get small amounts of material broken off or the beating that the excavator or carriers takes because of this. The simplicity and ease in which the Surestrike SS Series attacks you greatest challenges will assist in making your company more productive with less operating cost. Ultimately making you more profitable.

The Surestrike SS150 hammer has up to 150,000 foot pounds of incredible striking force. Although it is primarily used in industrial and steel mill applications for breaking iron ore and steel it can also be found in heavy duty aggregate applications like the one shown here. Breaking very large granite boulders with ease. For additional information on which Surestrike International model is right for your application contact Surestrike or your local distributor.