Don’t leave your profit behind!!

In today’s challenging economy you don’t want to leave the profits just sitting in the quarry.

Surestrike International has solutions for the toughest applications your company faces, like the hard granite oversized in this video.  With the extreme duties this type of material puts not only on your standard hydraulic hammers, but also on the excavator and operator, Surestrike can show you how to increase your production and profits while easing the load on your equipment and operators.

As we work our way through the challenging times that we are currently facing the one thing we strive to ensure is that we are ready to ride the wave and bounce back with the production and profitability needed as things turn the corner. Many companies stockpile and push aside their oversized material in times like this, but rather than push these profits aside, now is the time to put yourself in a better position to take advantage in a more productive and profitable manner.

Having the proper attachment helps to ensure that you are as productive, operator friendly and cost efficient as possible helping to ensure that you can provide for your customers and take care of their needs. It also puts you in a position to be even more profitable, creating the additional stability your company needs to overcome the challenges we are seeing at this time.

Making running the breaker a fun and productive experience.

The SS80 (former Model 6000) has the capabilities of 80,000 foot pounds of striking force making short work of even the most challenging of aggregate materials.