Is Your Equipment Giving You The Most Versatility?

Most hydraulic hammers in the low-end medium duty to light duty category are equipped or designed to handle the occasional tough application.  When your business requires that you be flexible, and your company is pushing to bring in every job that you can during these challenging times you should be partnered with a manufacturer that has that in mind when designing equipment. Surestrike International is just that partner.

The Surestrike model SS40 hits with up to 40,000-foot pounds of impact force making it one of the most powerful attachments in its weight and price class.  Even though it is the second smallest model in the SS Series line it still brings a substantial bang for the buck in providing you with a hydraulic breaker attachment that has incredible versatility.

The SS40 will not only tackle your medium duty limestone and aggregate jobs but can also put in the effort for you to successfully take on the occasional heavy-duty materials like Flint rock and Granite of varying sizes.

Whether you are a mid-size contracting company, a large recycle yard, or a quarry trying to take your oversize down to rip rap or crusher run, the SS40 can give your company a wide array of options to limit the amount of attachments needed in your facility.

In addition to that is can provide your company with increased production and lower operating costs compared to standard hydraulic hammers in its size range. So put the FUN back into running a breaker with the Surestrike International SS Series Hammers.

For more on how the Surestrike International SS Series hammer can transform your business and make you more profitable reach out to your local Surestrike distributor or call Surestrike International.