Surestrike SS50 – Durable and Versatile

The Surestrike SS50 is the most popular and dynamic hammer in the SS Series line of products.  Producing up to a staggering 50,000-foot pounds of impact for with a single blow.

Constructed with a heavy-duty design (using many of the same key components as the much larger SS80 model) the SS50 is one of the most versatile attachments you will find in the 100,000# class excavator range.  Using a striker pin that is an incredible 8+” in diameter giving you the confidence to tackle your most challenging projects while providing some of the longest life of any hydraulic hammer tool in its class.

Running in applications ranging from 80,000+ psi trap rock, 36,000 psi granite, heavy demolition and large volume runway concrete, basalt rock, large oversized river boulders, large and small riprap, in-ground breaking or many other applications the Surestrike SS50 has you covered.

Globally used and supported the Surestrike SS50 can provide your company with a hydraulic attachment that will help to lower your operating costs and decrease your maintenance time, and wear and tear on your carrier and operator, over standard hydraulic hammers of its size. All of these benefits and designs will help lead your company to increased profits and productivity.

To learn more about how Surestrike International can be your trusted partner in addressing you greatest sizing challenges contact your local distributor or call Surestrike International Inc.