Strong – Fearless – Productive

Be Strong Be Fearless Be Productive

While standard hydraulic hammers are designed to break up concrete, asphalt and other hard surfaces there is an incredibly versatile alternative that will be the new standard to this old way of doing things…………

The Surestrike International hydraulic impact hammers are the perfect solution for breaking up large pieces of material in the toughest of applications without having to use a standard hydraulic hammer. It’s also easy on your excavator!

This attachment will save you time and money in the long run because it’s so efficient and powerful at what it does.

You won’t have to worry about expensive maintenance costs either since this machine is built with high quality materials that last longer than most others on the market today.

Plus, it has an oversized design which makes it easier for anyone to operate at a production rate they just haven’t been used to!

All of these add up to what Surestrike calls it’s P3 Advantage of increased Performance, Production and Profitability!!

For more information about how Surestrike International’s hydraulic impact hammers can help you get your job done faster just give us a call!